Landscape Maintenance & Management Services

Garden or Landscape Service is more than just ‘mow, blow and go’ or keeping things tidy. Careful attention to detail with an eye towards overall health and development of your landscape always produces the best long-term results. Our continual attention to detail and ‘concierge service’ is what separates our company from all the other companies out there. There will be no mystery or questions by you the owner as to what is or is not included. All new clients receive a written and detailed proposal that will itemize the specific services provided and the business details. When accepted that proposal turns into an agreement between both parties and then work moves forward. Routine landscape maintenance or management services include:

Routine landscape maintenance or management services include:

Weekly Garden Care:
Pruning, trimming, fertilization, arbor care (under 15 feet), pest control, disease diagnosis, mowing, edging, weed abatement, irrigation maintenance and monitoring, debris removal, flower care, bulb planting, and as needed written or emailed reports of problems noticed during a service visit.

Irrigation Service:
Includes trouble shooting, diagnosis, repair, replacement and new installations on a service call basis, and in conjunction with weekly garden care.

Additional and Support Services:
One of the biggest advantages to working with Gardens of the Wine Country is our breadth of experience (40 years), specialty staff and the array of services we can provide. As a regular client you can ‘One Stop Shop’ or rely on us to solve any of your landscape needs, if we can’t do it we know the best people who can. No project is too big or small.

Landscape Design:
Each garden has its own idiosyncrasies and needs, so we will discuss with you the areas of highest importance, and then we can develop a plan that works best for your particular needs. Most every established garden needs updating and freshening up from time to time. So from blueprints to small sketches on paper, we can help you realize new ideas and designs then provide the installation staff to make your property and landscape look new again.

High Impact and Focal Point Gardens:
These impeccably designed “focal point” areas display a combination of annual and perennial flowers. Flower combinations are chosen to maximize “bloom period,” and routine maintenance and refreshment of these areas will continue to create that lighthearted feeling and positive first impression.

Event Gardens:
These specialty gardens are planted expressly to brighten and impact that special event, be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, holiday or garden party. Impact on the day of the event is the key to success, so fully-blooming flowers are handpicked and installed as close to the event as possible — all preparations are done well in advance.

Perennial Gardens:
There are countless varieties of perennials that bloom year after year and with proper planning their bloom periods will spread throughout the spring and fall. Many varieties are planted expressly to attract hummingbirds and butterflies; many are deer resistant and very low maintenance. This is a great way to have fresh and dried cut flowers in your home year-round.

Tree & Arbor Care:
Trees not only add beauty but value to your home. Proper care will keep them healthy and preserve their value-protect your home and all who reside or visit there.

Pest Control Management:
Is just that, it is not the indiscriminate spraying of chemicals that eliminate all pests including the target pest. If you are going to use chemicals, care must be taken to use the least amount of chemical possible to eliminate the target pest without harming surrounding plants, insects, fauna or humans.

If your choice is to keep your yard chemical free, there are many safe alternatives to pesticides which are many times just as effective. The proper design, plant location and maintenance will discourage pests and not provide them a desirable home. Mulching and weed blankets can cut down on weeds; host insects, “safer soap” and “deer hinder” are just a few non-chemical alternatives.

Fertilization Programs:
A must for optimum growth and plant development, routine fertilization is part of our normal service contract. However, large, established trees not covered under a routine contract should be fertilized every year. Trees surrounded by paved surfaces especially need more intensive fertilization, as their root systems are generally restricted and receive little or no aeration.

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens:
Most of us love fresh vegetables, especially if we have grown them ourselves on our property. But most of us do not relish going out into a big flat piece of weed infested ground every spring, breaking up and rototilling the soil so that we can begin planting our spring garden.

That is just way too much work, commitment and if you get that far, vegetables! Raised Beds are a perfect alternative, they are easy to prepare plant and maintain. You can generally keep them gopher and mole free and they can be used year-round for winter vegetables.

Specialty Gardens:
This type of garden can be for many reasons and most often is developed and maintained for a very personal reason. It can be a memorial garden or just a quiet place to sit and read or ponder. Many of these gardens contain a water feature, or they may also be designed to attract butterflies, hummingbirds or provide cut flowers.