Landscape Design & Architecture Services

There are projects big and small and not all projects require a design or sketch on paper, fortunately for you we work on it all big and small. We can provide a complete set of planting, hardscape and irrigation designs for the brand new home or development, or small sketches and conceptual lay outs for the small improvement project.

Our designs can be detailed enough for permit submittal to city building departments, drawings for your H.O.A., or design build plans that we use in conjunction with you so that we can both arrive at final and complete budgets and quotes for all landscape installations.

If your project is somewhat large we would encourage you to have designs on paper. That process will help you work out all the questions and budget busting problems long before you start the installation. Biddable documents will also allow you to gather “apples to apples” quotes from various contractors. With designs on paper you can also easily phase out the work, section by section as budgets and time frames allow…all the while being assured that when the entire project is complete it will have design continuity. With a well thought out design on paper, you can be assured that your final project will reflect your unique style, that the whole project ties together, and the final project meets all industry standards.

There is no charge for the initial on site consultation or evaluation to determine which type of design process your project requires.