Winter Time Things to Do

Winter Time Bare TreeIf those Sunny Days make you Itch to Get Outdoors in your Garden, here is a list of Landscape Maintenance items that need doing.

  • Dormant Prune your Roses and Fruit Trees…now is the time to cut them back hard.
  • After you have finished this dormant pruning, spray the roses and fruit trees with a dormant copper oil. It is available at all garden and home centers, make sure you spray before ‘bud break’ it must be done before bud break and it does not hurt to make two applications a few days apart.
  • If you want to add more roses and fruit trees to your yard, now is the time to buy and plant bare root roses and fruit trees. They are generally less expensive than containerized plants and bare root is only available during the winter. All bare root plants must be in the ground before their spring buds break…so get them installed now.
  • If you have drip irrigation in your garden, fertilize everything now or before the end of February and let the winter rains take the fertilizer down into the soil and root zone of your plants…not something that is easy to do during the dry California summers when you’re only relying on drip and no rain. Fertilizers to use now should have the following formulation 10-10-10 or 15-15.-15 these fertilizers are available at all garden and home centers.
  • Finally, any leftover fall leaves and general debris laying in your garden beds should be removed now. Left over debris harbor insects, grubs, insect larvae, earwigs, etc