Spring Things to Do

Picture of Baby Breath Flowers
This weeks check list, focus on your flowers and vegetables

  • Buy and start seeds, now’s the time to plant flower seeds and vegetable seeds…or vegetable starts from 4″ pots
  • Prepare your flowerbeds ;Work soil thoroughly in flowerbeds, adding compost to the top few inches.
  • Plant your flowerbeds ;Plant annuals or other small flowers once danger of frost is past which is usually late April
  • Plant any containers ;Fill your containers with spring and summer-blooming flowers, make sure the containers drain well
  • Plant new perennials ;You will find the best selection of perennials at the nursery mid-to-late spring.
  • Divide perennials ;Dig up and divide any perennials that have formed large clumps, grown too big for their space or are looking unhealthy.