Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any charge for an appointment or estimate?

No, the initial consultation and appointment are done free of charge.

Do you only do large jobs or estate property?

No, we do all sizes and styles of property. We currently service a wide variety of residences.

Are you licensed, insured and bonded?

Yes, we are licensed by the California Contractors State License Board, and have an active Pest Control License.  We have current and active insurances including general liability, auto, and workers compensations.

What sort of Landscape Installation do you do?
  • Ornamental Plantings and Turf
  • Irrigation
  • Decks
  • Arbors
  • Fences
  • Stone and Concrete Patios & Walkways
  • Water Features of All Styles
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Synthetic Grass and Putting Greens
  • Ornamental Walls & Retaining Walls
  • Interlocking Paver Surfaces, Steps and Walls
Can I get a specific service day and time every week?

We try to accommodate as many personal schedules as possible; however, since we have to juggle multiple projects during the course of every day, we cannot always anticipate situations that pop up, traffic, weather, etc.   So, we will attempt to accommodate your specific request as we make our schedules but can’t guarantee the same day and time each week.   In general it works about 75% of the time.

How much does weekly landscape maintenance service cost?

Costs vary depending on the property size, work requirements and frequency of the visits.   It’s not possible for us to provide you a quote without first looking at the property. 

Is there a cash deposit to start the installation or construction work?

Generally there is no deposit, but if there is, by state law we cannot charge a deposit larger than $1,000.

Can we make an appointment on weekends or after hours?

Yes, with plenty of notice we can schedule something on a Saturday morning or @ 5-7pm Monday through Thursday.

What kind of guarantee or warranty periods do you offer?

All of our construction and installation work carries a one year labor and materials warranty from the date of completion.   Plant material is warranted for 60 days from the date of installation, however, if once we complete the installation you hire us as your maintenance company then the warranty period extends to one year from the date of installation.   In all cases we cannot warranty against accidental damage caused by others or acts of god.