Early Spring Vegetables to Plant

Vegetable Garden

  • Peas, snow peas, most any kind of pod peas, will tolerate some spring cold and they take about 50 to 60 days till harvest. Grow them as vines or bushes. Soak the seeds in water overnight before planting.
  • Radishes are quick to harvest only taking 3 weeks to grow! You can find them in spicy and sweet of various colors, sizes and shapes.
  • Kale is easy to grow from seed and just so happens to be the hot vegetable right now…lots of people are eating raw, in smoothies, salads or sautéed. There are multiple varieties of kale, ‘dinosaur,’ Russian, and sweet baby green. You can pick the kale when it is at full size or well before it fully matures.
  • Chard is another easy seed grower…can be harvested in about 25 days and like Kale can be used in smoothies, salads or sautéed. There are red, white and yellow varieties with crinkly or smooth texture to the leaves. Planting multiple varieties of chard can add some color and interest to your garden.
  • Spinach is quick to sprout in a spring garden, is frost resistant, and can be harvested in about 3 weeks given mild spring mild conditions. Try growing multiple varieties to see which ones work best in your particular garden soil.
  • Lettuce seeds can be sown close together and you’ll get a dense stand that you can pick away at all summer. Plant seeds now and supplement the planting with more seeds throughout the summer. No need to let each lettuce plant grow into a full formed head, baby greens make a more tender and digestible salad than mature head lettuce. You can pick from many lettuce varieties, butter, romaine, green leaf.